These Terms and Conditions apply to makeup services provided by Sabrina Walsh ABN: 35492895421 to you. 

Upon booking a service with Sabrina Walsh, you agree to the following terms and conditions. 




It is up to the discretion of Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry to reschedule your appointment based on your circumstances. 

Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry will not under any circumstance hold a secondary date, as a potential replacement for the original date. 

Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry has the right keep all available dates and time open to booking purposes, after discussing a backup date for your special occasion. If it was not rescheduled on the spot, it is not secure.

Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry has full rights to book in any number of clients if the date and time remaines available. 




Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry regrets to inform you that any/all bookings can and will be rescheduled in the event that the client shows any flu symptoms upon arrival/during the appointment. If you do not inform us prior to your arrival and risk the health of the makeup artist, future clients, family and friends, your appointment will be terminated without any form of compensation.

Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry will cancel your appointment if you are tested positive for coronavirus, in exchange for store credit. 

Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry REQUIRES ALL unwell clients, related or unrelated to coronavirus, or who have been overseas within the last 30 days to inform her with as much notice, prior to their scheduled appointment. As you have breached hygeine terms and conditions, the status of your appointment will be negotiated prior to your arrival. 

In the event that an appointment is rescheduled/cancelled by either the client or management, your payment will unfortunately not be refunded as it is out of our control and therefore not our responsibility. 

All appointments affected by the coronavirus will be given the the option to reschedule, cancel or given store credit as compensation. 




Booking a makeup application and/or lesson can be made up to 12 hours before if appointments are still available. Booking is fully secured upon email confirmation of payment. Appointments without full payment are not secure and therefore cancelled at anytime. 




All makeup appointments and/or lessons require either full or a deposit payment upfront and done so via my online booking system. Should direct deposit payment method be chosen, you are required to email a payment receipt provided to you by your bank.  




If for any reason you need to cancel your makeup booking, please do so by notifying me via email at your soonest possible chance. All payments are non-refundable and therefore will not be refunded in the case of any cancellation. At our discretion, reschedule the appointment to another date, depending on the circumstance.

Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry is liable to cancel and/or reschedule a clients appointment without compensation given to the client, with the notice of 30 days. It is to Sabrina’s discretion whether compensation, refunds or store credit is given. 

Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry takes full responsibility for cancelling  a clients appointment with less than 30 days notice and therefore will refund the service to the client through the booking system. A refund booking system fee will apply to all refunds and will vary depending on the cost. Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry is not liable to reimburse the fee to the respected client that comes with the refund. 





Refunds are not provided where a customers inability to travel for the appointment applies.

All makeup applications and/or lessons are located at my studio in Joyner, Brisbane.

Any bookings outside my studio that requires me to travel will need to be negotiated via email once a request form has been submitted. 

The client will be notified in advance of any change to location to allow for adjustment to travel plans. Refunds will not be provided where advance notice was given of change of appointment location.




There is street parking available at my studio in Joyner. In circumstances where parking fees apply, the client will be required to cover all costs when makeup services are being conducted. 

A travel fee is applicable to all bookings that require me to travel outside of my studio in Joyner, and will be negotiated prior to securing a booking. In the event that any parking fees are incurred as a result of the location of the booking, these will be passed on to the client. If onside parking is not available, the client is responsible to notify Sabrina so other arrangements can be made. 

Parking delays caused by the clients miscommunication or lack of information may result in the artists inability to start the service on time, finish the total services booked or begin the service at all. Please be specific and thorough with travel and parking information to avoid disappointment. 





Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry is not, under any circumstances, responsible or liable for any allergic reactions to products used. The onus is on the client to give advanced notification to Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry if you or any of your group have specific allergies or sensitivities. required information on whether the client has allergies. In no event shall Sabrina have any liability for incidental or consequential damages.

Should you bring your own makeup, you must give notice before your appointment. There is guarantees surrounding the quality of the final look, given you bring your own products. 


The makeup chair provided has a weight rating of 100kgs only. Should this be not suitable, please notify us ahead of time and in advance of your appointment for us to find a suitable alternative. Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry are under no obligation to ask clients their weight; the onus is on the clients to advise Sabrina ahead of time. 


Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry reserves the right to stop work if the client is displaying contagious viral symptoms including but not limited to vomiting, diarrhoea, suspicious rash or coldsore. This is to ensure to health of Sabrina Walsh and other clients. The contents and advice on this site are for general informational purposes only and should not be substituted for seeking the advice of a medical professional. We affect no liability for any claims arising out of the misuse, allergic reactions, or any injury suffered with the consenting use of the products, equipment offered by Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry. By making a booking with Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry, you acknowledge and accept this policy and release us from any liability if such a situation should arise. 




If applicable coupon codes are not used or entered correctly, promotional discount reimbursements will not be made to the client under any circumstances. Clients take full responsibility to ensure the correct details are entered. 

Coupon codes in some cases, to the discretion of Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry, may be used to reimburse a client with store credit. 

The client attached to the coupon code is only entitled to redeem that for her/himself. Coupon codes used to book other clients appointments will be terminated and the appointment forfeited without compensation. 




In order to purchase a Gift Vouchers, you will need to email Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry or submit your Gift Voucher Request Form form through our Website.

Gift Vouchers come with a minimum purchase amount of $50.00AUD and can be spent on All Services, including Bridal Services.

If you wish to purchase or redeem a Gift Voucher on Bridal Services, you can do that via emailing us. Gift Vouchers being redeemed for Bridal Services are not yet available via the online booking system. 

Gift Vouchers will be delivered by electronic means to the email address you specify at the time of order.  Our Gift Vouchers include unique numbers and configurable patterns which must be redeemed on our Website, as full or part payment of services from our Website.  A Gift Voucher cannot be used to purchase a further Gift Voucher.

When ordering a Gift Certificate, you should ensure to enter the recipient’s email address correctly.  We cannot be held responsible if the address is entered incorrectly and someone other than the intended recipient uses the Gift Voucher.

Site offers and promotions (including discounts) do not apply when purchasing gift vouchers

All Gift Vouchers have an expiry date of 12 months from the date of issue.

Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or refunded under any circumstance.

We are not responsible if a Gift Voucher is lost, stolen, deleted, destroyed or used without permission and no replacement will be provided in these circumstances.




Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry is liable to change trading hours at any time. 

Current service hours run Sunday through to Saturday from 5:00am to 9:00pm. Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry is subject to charge an Out Of Hours Fee of $100.00 in addition to the service fee, per client out of hours. Special considerations may be made for commercial or large bookings and are decided at the discretion of Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry on a case by case basis. 




Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry requires a bridal request form to be submitted via the website in order to receive a quote and/or make a booking. 

No bookings for Bridal Services are currently able to be made via the online booking system. 

All quotes will be emailed to the respected client with the understanding that this does not under any circumstances secure/hold your desired appointments. 

Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry requires the immediate payment of a deposit of 45% to secure the date and time of the Bridal Services. The remaining amount of 55% will be sent to the client in a secondary email and is due 14 days prior to the wedding  date. 

No reduction in the number of makeup applications are allowed after the initial quote is accepted. Any additional numbers, changes in location or timing on the day will be accommodated where possible. 

Saturday bookings require a minimum of 5 makeup applications for Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry to come to your location. 

Wedding parties requiring Sabrina to travel further than a 3 hour drive may be asked to pay a surcharge per client to cover time spent travelling. 

The exact CANCELATIONS/REFUNDS, TRAVEL FEE’S & PARKING, HEALTH & SAFETY and INSURANCE terms and conditions apply to all bridal services. 




Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry is not liable to have previously organised payment to obtain insurance required  to work on site where required. Any and all payments are made by the client and/or companies and is their responsibility to obtain Insurance for Sabrina Walsh Makeup Artistry in every circumstance when required for the job.

The client and/or company booking services which require insurance, including but not limited to public liability, must negotiate this prior to securing the booking. In the case where this isn’t negotiated prior, the client has the option to go ahead with the booking, completing all payments and the payment of insurance or canceling the appointment after the completion of  all payments excluding the payment of insurance. 



Sabrina Walsh reserves the right to take photographic or film records of any/all makeup application and may use such content for promotional and/or commercial purposes with your verbal consent. 



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