Special Occasion Application

Make your special occasion memorable and a little more effortless. 

Special Occasion Trial

Dive deep into every detail of your makeup application and avoid last minute decision making on the day.  60 minute trials are the easiest way to give yourself a little peace of mind.

The Complete Lesson

Bookable and suitable for both for professionals, aspiring artists, amateurs and everyone in between. This experience is entirely hands on, follow along on one side while Sabrina demonstrates on the other. Dive into an industry professions kit and learn everything you need to know to successfully create a top to bottom, flawless look. You will learn everything there into know from the skin, base, brows, eyes and a number of priceless industry tips and tricks. 

Strictly Eyes

Strictly Eyes applications will have you out the door in 30 minutes with perfected brows and eyes. fully inclusive of false lashes.

Brows & Eyes Lesson

Once again suitable for all skill levels.  This experience is entirely hands on, follow along on one side while Sabrina demonstrates on the other. Learn how to personalise, style and perfect your brow shape. Complete an entire eye look of choice and learn what best works for you individuality. Step by step lash application included. 

Strictly Base

This service gives you a taste of Sabrina's Artistry, without a timely experience. Having you walking out in 30 minutes, Sabrina will perfect your brows and base. Excludes false lashes.

Base & Cheeks Lesson

Suitable for professionals, aspiring artists,  amateurs. everyone in between. Achieve Sabrina's iconic juicy skin that looks like skin, or your individual personalised skin preference.  Focusing specifically on skin prep,  the complete base and cheeks application,, lips and brows. False lash step by step or application is not included in this specific service.

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